Schema Search

Search for data points, enumerated values, data types, and annotations across multiple schemas and namespaces. See the results in a clean, interactive view that maximizes discovery.

Schema Search

Lightning Fast Search

Grid-ML is designed to handle large, complex data schemas and can comb through thousands of data structures across dozens of files in a fraction of a second.

Get search results immediately as you type. See all the information you need in one screen. Search for containers, data points, data types, and enumerated values using familiar business terms and phrases. Filter by item type to hone in to the relevant items.

Grid-ML - MISMO Model Viewer

Multi-Schema Search

Search across multiple schemas at once. Move through the schema tabs with one click. Quickly see how an item is represented in different schemas and versions.

Namespace Search

Search across multiple namespaces and source files. Quickly find what you are looking for without having to deal with multiple source files, includes, and imports.

Optimized Locations View

Once you select a search result, Grid-ML shows you all the locations where that item occurs in the schema. The locations tree is pruned to show only the branches that lead to the identified locations. This helps you go directly to the items you are looking for and skip irrelevant branches.

See how many items there are under each container and how far down in the hierarchy they are located. Click on "View" to load the target result on the tabular view and explore adjacent data points and containers.

Grid-ML Schema Schema Search Results
Grid-ML Definitions

Definitions, Types
and Enumerated Values

Grid-ML automatically displays the data item definition, the type details, and the enumerated values as you navigate through the schema.

Understand element and attribute usage

See all properties that govern the usage of each element and attribute, including their default values.

Explore the type semantics

See the complete type ancestry for any component and use that to find related elements and sub-types.

Jump to Related Info

Click on "Search" to load the target item on the Search screen and see where else it occurs in the schema. Grid-ML also converts any URL references in the definitions into live links that allows you to jump directly to their source website.

Automatic XPath and JSONPath Generation

Grid-ML automatically builds the XPath and JSONPath as you navigate through the schema. Once you find the desired item, simply copy and paste its path into your target specification or source code. Copy the full path or only the item name, with or without the associated definition. Paste path and definition into adjacent cells in Excel with one click.

XPath and JSONPath

Data Type Search

Grid-ML helps you understand how the schema data types relate to each other and how they are associated with elements and attributes. Search for data types, find all elements and sub-types that derive from a common base type. See the complete type ancestry for any component as you navigate through the schema.

NIEM XML Schema Semantic Model

Grid-ML XML Schema Viewer

high performance

An easy-to-use online tool for viewing, searching, and comparing XML schemas.