Grid-ML XML Schema Viewer

high performance

An easy-to-use online tool for viewing, searching, and comparing XML schemas.



  • Lighting fast search algorithm shows results immediately as you type.
  • Search using familiar business terms and phrases.
  • Find containers, data points, attributes, types, extension points, enumerated values, term descriptions, and data type definitions.
  • Search namespace prefixes and qualified names.
  • Search multiple schemas and root nodes at the same time.
  • Search across multiple source files and XML namespaces.
  • Filter results by container, data point, attribute, type, and enumeration.
  • Include or exclude definitions in scope of the search.
  • See result counts for each item type and schema tab.


  • Visualize all the locations of a data item in an uncluttered hierarchical view.
  • Quickly drill down to relevant leaf items. See how many search results there are under each container and how far down in the hierarchy they are located.
  • Load target result in the tabular view to explore adjacent data points and containers.
  • Visualize all children elements and attributes.
  • Navigate through all elements and sub-types that derive from a parent type.
  • Access data definitions, type definitions, and enumeration definitions all in one screen.
  • Click on external standards references like W3C, RFCs, USPS, and others to go directly to their website.

Schema Comparison and Diffing

  • See elements added and removed, changes in the definitions, and updates to enumerated values and attributes.
  • Filter the list of differences by item name or description.
  • Compare different versions of the standard and analyze the impact of version upgrades.

Schema Setup

  • Use the wizard to upload your own schema files or choose a ready-to-use schema from one of the available public repositories like NIEM, LegalXML, Ginnie Mae PDD, MISMO, UMDP, and PRIA.
  • Organize schemas into repositories and share them with team members and external contributors.
  • Search for global elements across all schemas within a repository.

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive, single-screen layout increases productivity by avoid unnecessary scrolling.
  • View and search schemas without the risk of inadvertent changes to the source files.
  • Move from view to search and across the schemas tabs without loosing the state of each tab.
  • Online XML Schema Viewer, no installation is required.

Usage Properties

  • Quickly understand the placement and usage requirements for all elements and attributes within a schema.
  • Sequence, Choice, and All compositors.
  • Min and max element occurrences.
  • Required, optional, or prohibited attribute usage.
  • Nillable, fixed, and default values.

Extension Properties

  • Get all the information you need to leverage the extension capabilities of an XML schema.
  • See attribute and element wildcards and their allowed namespaces.
  • See abstract elements and allowed substitutions inline.
  • Lax, skip, strict content processing modes.
  • Block and final type substitution rules.

XPath and JSONPath

  • Check whether a XPath or JSONPath is supported by a schema.
  • Go straight to the desired location by entering its XPath or JSONPath.
  • Copy item name, XPath, or JSONPath, with or without corresponding data and type definitions.
  • Paste items to specifications documents such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Google Sheets, and Google Docs.
  • Paste XPath directly into XSL-T templates.
  • Paste the JSONPath directly into source code written in languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python.

Grid-ML XML Schema Viewer

high performance

An easy-to-use online tool for viewing, searching, and comparing XML schemas.